Chocolatey Crunch

Angel Delight with a delicious crumbly topping, for a lovely crunchy texture !

  • 15 15 mins Preparation
  • No No mins Cooking
  • 4 Servings

Shopping list

  • 1 Angel Delight Chocolate Flavour (59g)
  • 300ml Chilled fresh milk
  • 4 Chocolate biscuits, crumbled


    1. Pour 300ml of chilled fresh milk into a basin.
    2. Add the Angel Delight and whisk until light and creamy.
    3. Pour into 4 dessert glasses and transfer to the fridge to allow to set.
    4. Before serving, crumble some chocolate biscuits and sprinkle on top.

    Hints and tips:

    1. Gingernut biscuits work very well with Butterscotch Angel delight and give an even crunchier texture.

Serve & Enjoy

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