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Angel Delight was first launched in 1967 by the Bird’s company, with a Strawberries and Cream flavour.

It was the first of its kind and quickly became a staple in families cupboards. In the 1990s, Wallace and Gromit featured in a nationwide campaign for the product, following the introduction of our "No Added Sugar" varieties.

Angel Delight is enjoyed by everyone; the excitement of whipping up its delightfully fluffy clouds and then eating it with friends and family.

That first spoonful is filled with memories both old and new.

Once made with fresh milk, Angel Delight provides a quick and easy dessert that contains no yucky artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


Actually, it's Angel Delight with real fruit sauce... in layers.

So the Marketing people called it "Layers".

There is Butterscotch Angel Delight with apple sauce, and Strawberry Angel Delight with strawberry sauce.

Layers...  remember the name - buy some!


Mmmm… Delightful !

Yummy tasting clouds and fluffiness all made up for you and your little angels to enjoy anywhere.  You’ll find no yucky artificial colours or preservatives here (yayy!).

Available in Banana, Butterscotch, Chocolate and Strawberry.


Angel Delight has always been a quick and easy dessert, and it's ideal for getting your children into the kitchen and introducing them to making their own food.

Over the years we've put together a number of recipes for yummy desserts that are quick and simple, and great for everyone to enjoy!

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Angel Delight - made with real fruit, chocolate or butter* - transforms into yummy tasting clouds of fluffiness once whipped up with fresh milk.

* except "No Added Sugar Butterscotch", which contains 100% natural flavours

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